Payment Methods - paysafecardThe paysafecard is a prepaid voucher for European users. You do not need a credit card ora bank account to purchase a paysafecard. This is because you need to physically go to the nearest Pay Safe outlet and buy the card. You may purchase the card with your debit card or with cash. The advantage of using this depositing method is you do not need to give out any of your credit card or bank details online. The disadvantage is having to take the time out to go and buy the card. Once you have purchased the paysafecard you will be able to play Fairway Casino's real live casino games for real money.

How to Use a Pay Safe Card

  1. You must first locate the nearest paysafecard outlet. In the United Kingdom you have access to 20,000 different shops and through out all of Europe you have access to more than 210,000 different shops in 16 different countries where you can purchase a paysafecard. The purchase is simple and fast. Here is a link to their web site in order for you to find the nearest Pay Safe location:
  2. Choose the value of the Pay Safe Card you wish to purchase.
  3. Once you have successfully purchased the paysafecard you may then use the card with Fairway Casino.
  4. You may do this through the "Deposit" link once you have logged in to "My Account". You may also find the same "Deposit Money" link in the "Financial Transactions" page once you have logged in.
  5. In the Deposit Form you will need to choose paysafecard as the online payment option.
  6. Enter the 16/digit PIN code found on your Pay Safe Card.
  7. Submit the amount of funds you wish to deposit from your paysafecard.
  8. Press the "Submit" button and that is all that needs to be done. You have the money deposited into your Fairway Casino gaming account.

Special Terms for using Pay Safe Card

  1. Due to the potential abuse of using paysafecard at Fairway Casino the following terms have been implemented. All deposits using a paysafecard will have a wagering requirement of 3X the deposit amount. Withdrawals will not be processed until this wagering requirement has been met. Also, all players who use paysafecard as a deposit method will require account certification. It will be left to the discretion of the "Payments Department" to waive these terms for VIP players.