Payment Methods - NETELLERNeteller is an easy and instant option to both Deposit and Withdrawal your gaming funds. You have the option to immediately transfer funds to / from your Neteller account to / from your Fairway Casino account. Funding your Neteller account is fast and simple.

Here's How Neteller Works

Neteller is an online payment processing company that links you, the online user, to a merchant, Fairway Casino. Neteller is one of the most widely used online payment processing company for merchants all over the world. They provide a fast and secure method to transfer your funds without having to give your bank or card details to the merchant. Neteller accepts both your credit and debit cards which can be deposited immediately into your Neteller account. You may also make a deposit via an International Bank Transfer or via a Local Bank Deposit. These last two options take 2-3 days before Neteller confirms the transfer of your funds. Once you have funded your Neteller account to your Fairway Casino account, you will be able to play live casino games for real money.

How to use Neteller

  1. First you need to set up an account with Neteller. Here is a link to their web site:
  2. Transfer your funds to your Neteller account via your credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
  3. Once the funds have been accredited to your Neteller account, you may then proceed to transfer your funds from there into your Fairway Casino account.
  4. You may do this through the "Deposit" link once you have logged in to "My Account". You may also find the same "Deposit Money" link in the "Financial Transactions" page once you have logged in.
  5. In the Deposit Form you will need to choose Neteller as the online payment option.
  6. Enter your Neteller secure ID and your account ID.
  7. Submit the amount of funds you wish to transfer from your Neteller account.
  8. Press the "Submit" button and within a few moments you will receive the transaction confirmation.
  9. When you wish to make a withdrawal using Neteller, you must first log in to "My Account". Once you have logged in to your Fairway Casino account you will see the "Withdrawal" link. Follow this link and it will then take you to a form where you choose to transfer your funds from your Fairway Casino account into your Neteller account.

You may also contact Neteller's customer service department via phone:
Europe (toll free) = (00)800-7767-6343
All other countries = 011-403-233-9466