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Fairway Casino Live Gaming Equipment

Fairway Casino is very proud to present Live Casino Games provided by Visionary iGaming (ViG)

ViG provides all games from their own customized studio in beautiful Costa Rica. Their mandate is to provide a casino experience that is equal to that found in any brick & mortar casino, and part of that entails using real, professionally trained dealers using the top casino equipment in the industry.

Roulette - Cammegh Mercury 360 Wheel

Cammegh Mercury 360 Roulette WheelProduced by British company Cammegh Limited, these premier roulette wheels are found in casinos world-wide. 

The Mercury 360 is the newest addition to Cammegh's globally trusted Mercury Series of discrete in-rim sensor roulette wheels.

Using the same tried and trusted materials, production and finishes as the Mercury 2 wheel, including the Garnite ball-track and custom veneer options, Cammegh have developed the Mercury 360 with 4 in-rim sensors for unrivalled instant and secure winning number recognition.

Key to the main features listed below, is the development of the Mercury 360 game engine, a security-focused platform constantly monitoring rotor status, wheel level and ball characteristics throughout game play. When combined with Cammegh's Wheel Manager Application for Mercury 360, the game event log can be exported via the Ethernet port of the supplied B.O.B communications hub to a PC or network for data analysis and diagnostics.

More information on the Mercury 360 and Cammegh Limited can be found HERE

Blackjack & Baccarat – Shuffle Master i-Shoe

Shuffle Master i-shoeThe new Shuffle Master i-shoe is becoming known as the best dealing shoe available. Check out some of the features below, each designed to ensure that both players and the casino are enjoying results they can trust.

A smart alternative to a traditional dealing shoe, the i-Shoe™ Auto delivers cards to the front of the shoe automatically, reducing repetitive stress injuries and making the dealing process easier than ever before. And, by automatically reading the rank and suit of each card as it is dealt, it reduces game manipulation and collusion on multi-deck games like baccarat. It also features a new hold card feature that is activated when a misdeal occurs, and game results can be transmitted to a remote location via the casino network for review and analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic card delivery reduces repetitive stress injuries and ensures 100% accurate card reading
  • Hold card feature minimizes dealing errors caused by misdeals
  • Uses all card types with no special markings required
  • Handles up to eight decks of cards
  • Game results can be transmitted to the i-Score display
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Touch screen interface displays cards dealt for additional game security
  • Configurable burn card settings

More information on the Shuffle Master i-Shoe can be found HERE

Blackjack & Baccarat – Bicycle Player Cards

For over 100 years, The United States Playing Card Company has been the leader in production and distribution of premier playing cards and a creator of innovative games the whole family can enjoy. Well-known and reputable brands such as BEE®, BICYCLE®, KEM®, AVIATOR® and HOYLE® are the fruits of our labor. Children's card games, collectible items, puzzles and card accessories are the cherries on top - truly delivering a full range of products to any type of player. Whether it's a game of Go Fish on your family vacation, or adding a few more chips to the pile at poker night, we've got you covered.

People continue to come to USPC for a great game - and we've made it our mission to deliver the goods every single time.  If you're looking for a little friendly competition, you can bet on us.  If you're looking to have some fun with the people you love, count us in.  Or if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, we'll be there for you.  In other words, if you're up for a good game and a great time, you know right where to come.

For more information about Bicycle Player Cards, please click HERE