Fund your Fairway Casino account with Litecoins

One of the fastest growing crypto currencies is Litecoin. Fairway casino now allows players to deposit and withdraw funds from your live casino account from and to Litecoin. The increase in use will allow us to help you make faster deposits, faster withdrawals, and make the entire cashier process easy and convenient.

Here are your advantages of using Litecoin for your next Fairway Casino deposit:

  • Faster deposit times
  • Faster withdrawal times.
  • More convenient
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawals
  • No need for further documentation

Faster Deposit Times: When using more conventional deposit methods such as credit cards and e-wallets, you suffer the inconvenience of having to send documentation due to financial sector regulations. You have to supply an image of your credit card, image of your identity, as well as a utility bill. This is time consuming and inconvenient. We recognize this and want to speed up the process for you as well as make it easier for you and us. By using Litecoin you are exempt from having to comply with the documentation process and this is why we recommend it.

Faster withdrawal times: If you have previously deposited with Litecoin you can receive your withdraws during the same method.