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Jack's T-Rex

3D Slots - Jack's T-Rex

Jack is playing outside on a sunny day with his toy airplane...
When all of a sudden he stumbles on a package from the military base...
In big letters, stamped on the side, it says: TOP SECRET!
Jack fantasizes about what could be inside and decides to bring it home.
What he finds will change his life forever...
The huge secret inside actually becomes his best friend...
But how do you have a friend that is a T-Rex and get away with it? A year passes and the friendship grows bigger – and so does the T-Rex! Then fate comes knocking when an FBI Special Projects Agent comes to Jack's door...
He's looking for the "secret" they lost one year ago...
Will Jack be able to keep his new best friend hidden away from the FBI? Will his imagination help to save his special friendship with his T-Rex?

Game Play:

Simply follow these easy instructions and start playing: The SPIN and AUTO SPIN buttons allow you to start playing the game using the default bet settings or the settings that you select (see below).

For an easy play option, click the AUTO SPIN button. This will automatically set the reels in motion and keep them spinning, using the same bet as the previous spin, until you click on the AUTO SPIN button again or until you run out of credits.

Use the MAX BET button to automatically place bets with the highest LINE BET value (5) and the maximum number of active win lines (20), using the coin value you select; all with one single click.

If you prefer customizing your bets instead of using the MAX BET option, use the following buttons:

  • Use the LINE BET button to select the bet level you want to play at, between 1 and 5.
  • Use the SELECT LINES button to choose how many active win lines you want to bet on. The default setting is the maximum number of active win lines (20) in the game. Use the SELECT LINES button to reduce/increase the number of win lines you're playing. You can see which win lines are active by looking at the numbers on the left and right sides of the reels.
  • The CHOOSE BET button only can be used in non-progressive versions of the game to change the monetary value of the credits you're betting with.

The WIN display shows you how much you've won in cents. Or, if you want to see your winnings in credits, click on the WIN display

Winning prizes

As the reels of The McMurphy's game spin, hope that you get a combination of 3,4, or 5 similar symbols appearing from left to right on your active win lines. If you do, then you've won cash prizes! You can click on the PAYTABLE button any time to see the complete list of winning symbol combinations and payouts.


Three "scattered" BONUS symbols will land you in the BONUS round where you'll be rewarded with FREE DROPS. During these FREE DROPS, you'll get points when winning combinations appear on an active WIN LINE or in scatter combinations. Plus, you'll get even more FREE DROPS when 3 or more BONUS symbols appear in sight (scattered). After you hit a winning combination and are rewarded for this, the winning combination symbols disappear and new symbols "DROP" into their place giving you a new chance to get even more winning combinations. Every time you get a new winning combination, from this point on, your winnings are multiplied by a bonus number that gets higher with every round you win. Your winnings keep growing like this until you get a DROP with no winning combinations, then the multiplier gets reset back to 1. If you get 3 BONUS FEATURE symbols on an active win line, then a fun BONUS FEATURE game starts. You'll see framed pictures of the beloved McMurphy family from their travels; just click on as many family pictures as possible without breaking the glass to win points. Try to select all of the pictures but be careful... If you break the glass in a frame, then the BONUS FEATURE game is over and you'll return to the BONUS round game to continue playing until you've used all of your FREE DROPS.

Expanding Wild Symbols

The Expanding WILD feature is a very special one. When you see a WILD symbol appear anywhere on the 3rd reel, it will expand over the entire reel giving you a WILD middle reel. This means you will have 3 WILD symbols on the middle reel, giving you much higher odds for getting winning combinations. If you happen to get a WILD symbol on the 3rd reel and also win a bonus round on the same spin, then you'll first play the bonus round and then the WILD symbol will expand over the 3rd reel.

Click Me Bonus

When you see 3 CLICK ME symbols scattered on the reels, the game will pause allowing you to click on one of the CLICK ME symbols to win a prize. The CLICK ME symbol that you choose will reveal a high, higher or highest prize. After you've chosen a CLICK ME symbol and you've won your prize, the remaining CLICK ME symbols will open to reveal the other prizes that you didn't choose. Good luck picking the CLICK ME symbol with the highest prize!

Progressive Jackpots

The PROGRESSIVE jackpot is where the big bucks are video slots games; just make sure to play a game that has a "running" jackpot.

You can only win the PROGRESSIVE jackpot if you play using the maximum LINE BET (5). Then, if you hit a combination of 5 JACKPOT symbols (sorry, WILD symbols don't count), you hit it big! Time to celebrate with the McMurphy's!

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